Best Foundation for Oily Skin — 7 Makeups Reviewed

best full coverage foundation for oily skinLet’s talk about oily skin. Yes, it can be hard to admit that you have oily skin, especially if those high school stigmas are still fresh in your mind. If you’re like many women and have oily skin, especially around your nose or forehead, you might feel self-conscious going out in public without a good foundation or powder. However, some foundations only seem to make the problem worse. Before long, your entire face has turned into an oil slick. What do you do?

Most women know that not all foundations are created equal, just like any kind of makeup. However, they only think about cost and quality, not about what kind of skin type to which the makeup caters. You should know that different makeup brands just simply don’t work as well with oily skin and can even make your skin feel greasy. There are, of course, other brands that recognize this and have made certain products that are made specifically for women with this problem. Let’s take a look at which makeup brands carry the best foundation for oily skin.

Best Oily Skin Foundation Review

Here is a quick rundown of some of the best foundations for oily skin, in no particular order.

1) Almay Clear Complexion in the Oil-Free variety is a good choice for those that have oily or acne-prone skin. The great thing about this product is that it can actually help to heal your skin. For women who are dealing with blemishes and acne, the Clear Complexion formula is the best foundation for oily skin. Besides helping your skin look less red and painful, it also can be worn for long periods of time without clogging up your pores.

2) If you have very oily skin, try MAC Studio Fix, which acts as both a powder and a foundation in one. It goes on easily, and it prevents your oil from acting up throughout the day. The powder sucks up excess oil and allows you to feel beautiful all day long. It’s a long-lasting formula, so you won’t have to keep checking a reapplying. MAC Studio Fix is a wonderful way for women who are on the go to feel more confident about their skin.

3) Revlon Colorstay for Combination/Oily Skin is a good option for those who have oily skin but who don’t want to use tons of powder. They have 20 different shades, so there is something here for every skin color. Also, it’s one of the most affordable foundations on the market. Women have said that this truly is the best full coverage foundation for oily skin. It dries to a matte finish, so you’ll look like you have model-perfect skin.

4) Prescriptives Flawless Skin is also an effective oil control full coverage foundation. This is an oil-free foundation, so it won’t compound your problem by adding an additional layer of shine like some foundations do. It actually cuts down on grease, and it makes you look as though you just stepped out from a photo shoot.

5) While you’re looking at Prescriptives, why not also check out the Virtually Fresh Matte foundation. This company truly provides the best full coverage foundation for oily skin, so they know what they’re doing. Not only have they created one great foundation with Flawless Skin, but Virtual Matte is a slightly different version of the same great oil protection.

6) Even if you don’t have acne, Clinique’s Acne Solutions line can keep you oil-free all day long. It’s oil-free, but it also has special ingredients that will help your skin stay fresh and dry. Clinique is a tried and tested company that many women know and love. Don’t let the word “acne” scare you off; this product is meant even for grown women without heavy acne breakouts. It simply helps to keep your skin clean and beautiful.

7) If you don’t mind spending a little extra money in order to look perfect, try Dior Skin Nude Foundation. Yes, it’s a little more expensive, but it can be worth it in order to remain oil-free throughout the day. Besides that, it’s simply a great liquid foundation that makes you look natural. It won’t cake and build up like other foundations, so you’ll look as though you’re not wearing any makeup at all. People won’t understand how your skin looks so great all the time.

What is the Best Foundation for Oily Skin?

The best foundation for oily skin really depends on your budget, skin color and what kind of foundation you like to use. Try any of these options to get a feel for how they work. If you aren’t happy with one, don’t be afraid to try another. Sometimes it does take a little while to find the right foundation for you. However, you’ll feel great once you’ve found it.

Just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean that you should feel less confident when you’re out and about. By finding a good foundation that suits your skin type, you can stay out all day long and still be oil free when you come home.